First Timer

I think that it may be safe to assume that you have some knowledge of Japanese Woodblock Printing. Or at least a passing interest in what I do (I would like to hope that you are interested in what I do)? 

So, what can you expect to appear on this blog? Well, my original plan when drafting up ideas and concepts to write about was to keep a studio diary of sorts. While that is certainly something that will feature in these posts, I do not want to limit myself to only posting about my ongoing work. 

What is it that does interest me and I hope will interest you also is using this blog as a platform for starting conversations and discussions on a number of subjects. From the techniques and processes involved in Japanese printmaking to the selling and promoting of your own artwork. 

From the issues facing artist-printmakers from a socio-cultural standpoint to more conceptual thinking and ways in which we can improve ourselves through the work that we create. 

In essence, printmaking is a way to convey information or a message, that is what this medium was first used for. From the reproduction of scripture and literature in ancient times to the more contemporary methods of poster and flyer production. 

Historically every culture came to find some method of printmaking and this is what is truly great about this medium. It is a global art form and is one that I would like to share with as many people as possible.

This blog is a much mine as it is anyone's who reads it and I would like to invite you to post, comment and share your views with me.

I look forward to sharing more with you and hearing your thoughts in return.

William Francis

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