In With The Old

The launch of this new website marks quite a significant shift in the way that I am producing prints. I am moving away from producing prints of my own design, and am now beginning a 5 year series of reproductions of traditional Japanese woodblock prints from the Edo era (1603-1867).

I understand that many of you reading this, in fact, the vast majority will be saying "but I haven't seen his previous work yet" and that is a perfectly valid comment but this post is not about my previous work, it is about the future and the way in which I would like to progress and consistently create a meaningful body of work. I am still so 'young' in my journey as a woodblock printmaker and I feel that, although I have progressed and learned a great deal over the past two and a half years I have not been as consistent with the body of work that I have created to date.

The carvers and printers of the Edo and Shin Hanga periods reached a level of such technical excellence that now there is maybe only a hand full of people left alive today that are anywhere near their level. It has always been my goal to be named one of that select few that can call themselves a master of this craft. This drive is not only based around the idea of 'carving' out a living for myself but to carry on the traditions, techniques and processes through my learning and application of what I have learned through the production of these astoundingly beautiful works of art.

It has been said that to move forward, one must first look to the past and this is what I must do to get better, bit by bit, print by print I will progress and learn more from studying and reproducing these prints than I ever would by stumbling along in the dark with my self-designed prints.

This is not a sprint, it is a long process that will take many, many years of hard work, but that is what this is all about. With hard work, dedication and respect for my craft, I hope that someday I will be able to look back with pride at what I have created, knowing that I put all that I have into my work.

I very much look forward to sharing my experiences on this journey with you through this website and my various social media outlets.

William Francis